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Scientific Research Specialist

Gaithersburg, MD
Job Purpose:
Work closely with a multi-disciplinary team of engineers to design, build, and test a wireless testbed to mimic a typical discrete system control use case in manufacturing industries with high reliability and low latency transmission requirements. This role will also develop a testing solution to enable the real-time system performance measurement and event logging in the testbed architecture. As well as assess the collected experiment data and apply proper data engineering and mining techniques to evaluate the performance of work-cell operations with wireless connections.
  • Provide design documents for deploying a collaborative robot work-cell in the NIST industrial wireless testbed with specifications on work-cell elements, information flows, and network architecture, as well as measurement components
  • Provide source code (C++, Python, Bash scripts, and PLC programs) for deployment of work-cell function modules as specified in the developed design such as ROS UR3 driver, robot controllers, and PLC I/O handlers
  • Manage source code in the project’s file repository with any architecture changes necessary for improvements such as changes to the robot collaboration mode.
  • Deliver a report on summarizing design principles, measurement procedures, and use cases of emulated wireless control applications in the NIST testbed.
  • Work with the NIST team and external collaborators to design new experiments in the existing testbed to capture the impact of wireless links on industrial system performance.
  • Participate as part of a team to design and prototype wireless network solutions using off-the-shelf radio modules or radio prototypes from industrial partners.
  • Design documents to summarize implementation procedures of selected industrial wireless use cases in a series of experiments.
  • Develop a measurement framework based on precision time protocol (PTP) to improve timestamp accuracy across distributed data collectors and provide specific settings for distributed clocks.
  • Provide markdown files that explain measurement data such as measurement objects, instrument, data format, and importing instructions.
  • Investigate data management tools for storing and managing testbed measurement data for internal analysis and public access.
  • Develop a data processing pipeline that can be used to treat measurement data to provide source code (Python) in individual procedures such as data access, pre-processing, feature extraction, analytics, and visualization.
  • Provide source code for producing standardized reports for interpretation and visualization of data resulting from laboratory experiments.
  • Apply data science methodology to explore the relationship between the captured production operations and network activities.
  • Work with the NIST team to explore new data science approaches, e.g., machine learning, to tackle industrial wireless system modeling and performance measurement challenges using data collected within Task 4.2
Skills and Qualifications:
  • At least 10 years of experience conducting research in wireless communications technologies, industrial wireless system design or a related field
  • Established record of having developed an industrial wireless deployment theoretical framework as evidenced by one or more journal publications
  • Expert understanding of wireless network protocol (e.g., WLAN and 3GPP cellular architecture), performance analysis and evaluation (e.g., Python Pandas, NoSQL DB), and system prototyping in software/hardware (e.g., C++/OMNET++, PLC, and ROS/ROS2) as evidenced by proof of published network simulations implemented in NS3 or OMNET++
  • Proficiency with C/C++, Python, MATLAB, and Unix as demonstrated by having previous experience working with those programming languages and operating systems in at least 2 projects. Proficiency with software version control tools (e.g., GitHub/GitLab) in prior projects.
  • Established record in research writing and technical publications as demonstrated by having at least 10 peer-reviewed conference/journal publications in wireless communication and networking
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