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Noise Engineer

Omaha, NE; San Antonio, TX; Eglin AFB, FL, ;
  • Use geospatial information to develop and generate the necessary deliverables identified in this PWS; use ArcGIS to map environmental and operational factors in order to improve and streamline the planning and analysis process; use advanced remote sensing and geospatial analyses techniques, where appropriate, to identify key noise impacts to enhance the reliability of environmental impact analyses; provide key metrics such as population impacted, land acreage impacted, sensitive noise receptors effected, and extent of changes in noise contours.
  • Store, transmit, evaluate and/or present noise data generated in support of AFCEC/CZN using the most up-to-date data storage technology compatible with AFCEC/CZN systems; upload and store noise data developed in support of the AFCEC missions weekly.
  • Perform data collection in support of the AFCEC/CZN NEPA Program; analyze reports on noise and airspace management challenges and actions identified by current studies and emerging program issues.
  • Provide facilitation, relevant technical presentation materials, and input to the Government on relevant issues.
  • Review, interpret, define, and provide recommendations to the application of current and new statutory and regulatory requirements as they pertain to the Noise Program that has the potential to impact the Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP) and proposed NEPA actions.
  • Perform technical reviews of NEPA documents sent to AFCEC/CZN to ensure all Noise information and data is accurate, complete, addresses the subject of the document thoroughly and definitively, the recommendations are functional and maintains compliance with applicable regulations; provide results of each technical review to the AFCEC/CZN Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • Provide the appropriate noise analyses to address the potential impacts associated with existing and new mission bed downs, basing actions, and changes in weapon systems.
  • Review and validate data with the AFCEC/CZN SME, the AFCEC Noise SME, and/or A4C leadership, as appropriate, to ensure that the airspace/range operational information provided is accurate and complete; update the appropriate noise modeling software with the analytical information provided during the validation process.
  • Perform a detailed technical analysis to include the documentation and description of methods, findings, and analysis results while detailing the computation performed for the following supplemental metrics at appropriate noise sensitive locations in accordance with the Defense Noise Working Group (DNWG) guidelines and Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) memoranda: 
    • Maximum sound levels (Lmax) for key aircraft 
    • Sound exposure levels (SEL) if key aircraft are disparate (e.g., helicopters and jets) 
    • Potential for nighttime sleep disturbance [i.e., probability of awakening per the American National Standards Institute/Acoustical Society of America (ANSI/ASA) S12.9-2008 standard] 
    • Daytime speech interference 
    • School-day classroom learning interference 
    • Potential for hearing loss (PHL) where noise contours exceed 79 A-weighted decibels (dBA) Day-Night Sound Level (DNL) 
    • Noise analysis relating to effects and impacts on wildlife 
    • Grid point analysis for representative receptors
  • Master’s degree in a related field; 10 years of related experience
  • Security Clearance
  • Knowledge of professional environmental principles, practices, techniques, and procedures to effectively perform project development, execution, training, and advisory services in assigned program element.
  • Knowledge to troubleshoot environmental problems requiring investigation of unsanitary or questionable conditions in assigned program(s).
  • Knowledge of applicable Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and other guidance to make decisions and recommendations concerning assigned restoration, compliance, conservation, pollution prevention, and/or integration principles and practices; and health, safety, and security practices.
  • Skill to integrate an interdisciplinary team of professionals to include attorneys, public health specialists, public affairs specialists, biological scientists, environmental engineers, physical scientists, general engineers, community planners, regulators, other governmental officials, and community groups.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, clearly, concisely, with technical accuracy, and establish effective working relationships with others.
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