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Program Manager

Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Strativia currently has an opening for a full time Regional Support Program Manager the military housing requirements for personnel assigned to the Mid-Atlantic region. The purpose of the Housing department is to assist our Navy military members in obtaining housing.  The Housing department is assigned total field responsibility for the technical and operations management of all Military Housing assets and properties which includes Family Housing (FH) and Unaccompanied housing (UH).  The program provides a full range of services including acquisition, maintenance, occupancy assignment and operation of the FH and UH programs. The candidate shall perform the tasks described in the following section:
  • Research and investigate new or improved business and management practices proposed for the FH & UH programs.
  • Develop and maintain metrics for tracking the day-to-day operation of Regional Family and Unaccompanied Housing programs which will be used to identify and analyze problem areas in the operations.
  • Forecast and estimate program requirements and develop presentations, point papers and briefs to be presented to the Regional Director and/or the Commanding Officer about program operations and milestones.
  • Conduct surveys to gather information from the FH and UH residents, and make recommendations to the Regional Director and/or the Commanding Officer based on the results of the surveys on how to improve the UH & FH Housing programs.
  • Work closely with the Regional staff to oversee and coordinate input for data calls and briefs from Commander Naval Installations and higher authority.
  • Maintain expertise with eMH (Base loading/R19’s), OSD Performance Evaluation Plan (PEP), conduct annual Public Private Ventures (PPV) Condition Assessments and provide guidance and ensure correct input from all members/sections of the Regional Housing programs.
  • Assist the DON Representative in reviewing PPV management and the operating plan to ensure policies are clear, and concise.
  • Evaluate PPV financial data regarding impact of occupancy, BAH, profit and loss.           
  • Assist the DON Representative in developing criteria to manage PPVs and perform surveys to ensure compliance with PPV contract.
  • Consolidate and analyze statistical data for the balance scorecard data and metrics.
  • Assist the DON Representative of military members occupying PPV housing, the fiscal health of the business entity, and review the management of the operation and maintenance budget, of the PPV business entity.
  • Assist the Regional Business Manager in reviewing, analyzing, consolidating and revising budget estimates, to include justification statements and budget execution plans for current and multi-year plans.
Expertise of DOD and Navy housing policies, regulations, administrative practices and procedures related to the planning, scheduling and coordinating of management resources for efficient operation and utilization of Navy housing projects of facilities.  Possess skills to communicate major program issues and operational requirements with all echelons of command.
Be a subject matter expert in the EMH program and base loading/R19s.  Able to manipulate and extract data from inputs from the base loading/R19s to respond to data calls for information from the Commander Naval Installations or higher authority.
Possess comprehensive knowledge of and skill in the application of a wide range of housing management principles, concepts, and methodology to a variety of complex work assignments involving the full range of housing activities including operations and maintenance, financial management, construction and improvements, management tenant relations, referral services and furnishings and equipment management.
Possess comprehensive knowledge of area ordinances, laws, and codes governing the use and operation of housing facilities and skill in developing plans and directives for housing administrations.
Possess knowledge of administering and coordinating available activity resources, and in acquiring compliance of approval of policies or regulations for Family and Unaccompanied housing personnel, other government agencies, commercial housing representatives and tenant activities.
Possess knowledge of management principles and methodology used to develop master plans and procedures covering the full range of housing functions.  Including developing management plans and procedures necessary to coordinate housing programs with a variety of agencies including regulator, enforcement, and utility.
Knowledge and understanding of government budgetary and financial policies, methods, procedures and regulations to forecast and oversee Housing program funding activities.
Job Type: Full Time
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